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AA Digital Mute for Horn

AA digital mute for horn 1

Alexandr Afanasiev, solo horn at the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg, developed this digital horn mute and also produces it himself.

Small but fine tips from Engelbert Schmid have perfected it.

It's hard to believe, but it's made on a 3D printer! Luck or skill? In terms of sound, it is the most interesting mute that Engelbert Schmid has ever heard and tried - naturally tunable for practically any hand position, problem-free intonation.

With a list price of € 88, you can hardly help but buy it. Engelbert Schmid GmbH has the distribution for Western Europe. Of course we deliver the mute all over the world, also to other horn manufacturers or to dealers.

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Bonna Problems

It has now been proven that the oxidation of horns in Bonna cases comes solely from the adhesive used, see the investigation report of the international "Modern Testing Service"











Second hand instruments

Most second hand Engelbert Schmid Horns are very quickly sold. 

You should be aware, that the Engelbert Schmid Horns have a practically unlimited life span, due to the fact, that even mistreated valves can be restored very close to the original tighness.

Presently we have no second hand instrument on sale! This is basically a good sign for the quality and the intrinsic value of the Engelbert Schmid Horns.

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"kompakt" (en)

New Bell Measure

at Engelbert Schmid Horns



For 8 years the idea with all its mathematics behind was stored in a drawer, now Engelbert Schmid has realized it: The new bell measure


The difference compared to the well known, proven and wonderfully easy and free playing "golden cut" (= medium) measure is minimal. But this is exactly what some horn players were seeking for. The detachable flare is the same at “golden cut” and “kompakt”. But deriving from the bell tail this "kompakt" measure gets an earlier edge into the sound, is a little more concentrated and more compact, meeting the desires of part of the hornplayers. 

Although this bell is narrower, for many ears the sound seems to be darker and has the "something", which some players are seeking for.

The "kompakt" measure provides some resistance, which has nothing to do with accoustical errors and is very even over the entire range. For those who love such a positive resistance, its like a wall which you can lean at, and which gives you security.

The "kompakt" doublehorn is the success promising "work horse" for the orchestral player, reliable and fitting perfectly into the environment of the present style of German horn sound, which is copied in many areas allover the world.

In order to be able to distinguish the "kompakt" from the medium (= "golden cut"), we designed gold plated valve caps for this measure.

Full double horn kompakt by Engelbert Schmid

Full double horn "kompakt" in Yellow Brass by Engelbert Schmid

And the legendary advantages of Engelbert Schmid Horns are remaining, like the uniquely thought up intonation, the smooth slurs, the B-natural feature and and and.

Of course the “kompakt” version can be ordered for all kinds of horn models like triples and double descants, and may be combined with whatever detachable bell flare.


Vienna Horn

Wiener Horn


 Vienna Horn in F (1.780 g)

The Engelbert Schmid Vienna Horn is not a very light horn. As a Vienna Horn is a single horn, a very light weight is not as important as at the Rotary Valve Double or Triple Horns.

But extremely important is to reduce the moving mass at the machine, i. e. the total weight of the levers and Pumpen Valves. Engelbert Schmid succeeded to reduce that moving mass to below 50% of the usual weight. This means that the valves are absolutely quick, there is nothing of the usual shaking of the instrument if you push the valves. Suddenly you have a technically versatile instrument, with the famous smooth slur facilities of “Wiener Pumpen”. Now the Vienna Horn can be established also as a solo instrument!

We recommend 5 water keys respectively so called "tone holes". 4 of them are tone holes, which can be connected to the thumb lever. With these 4 tone holes you get all top notes absolutely secure! With the same lever connected to 3 water keys you may empty practically all the water in the instrument within a few seconds.

There are only healthy notes on this revolutionary Vienna Horn, the sound is typical, the intonation is ideal,

and you have 2 single horns:

A Vienna Horn in F and a Vienna Horn in Bb.

Its standard at the Vienna Horn by Engelbert Schmid, that you can convert it within a minute into a Bb Vienna Horn by taking out 3 intermediate pieces at the valve slides and using the Bb crook. By the way the lengths of the corpus, the F-crook and Bb-crook are identical to that of Vienna Classic Hand Horns. So you can use this Vienna Horn like a Hand Horn for all keys with your Hand Horn crooks.


Vienna Horn in Bb (1.600 g)