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The Horn Maker

Everything within the scope of Instrument making, from the bell to the valves, is produced in Engelbert Schmid's well equipped workshop.

Many of his new production methods are his own development. Only the finest grain metals are used for his horns.


From the very beginning Engelbert Schmid made use of the latest scientific developments. He now has his own Computer diagnostic System. Because he makes all parts of the horn himself he can immediately incorporate ehe latest findings in his horns.



„State of the Art" as found on other horns: a lot of excess weight, sharp corners, and the characteristic problems of rotary valve slurs.
When the valves leak, it is usually not worth having them repaired.



E.S. Neuerungen der Technik

Innovations by Engelbert Schmid:

no excess weight, quicker action, smoother curves, 80° less change of direction per valve, direct connections between the valve casings without a joint in the middle, acoustically exact valve ports, and better valve slurs.

Because of the use of the right alloys and the easy replacement of the valve cylinders, the valves have a practically unlimited life-span.

The valves will outlive the rest of the horn!




Appreciate the aesthetics of the nickel-silver ring, and of the whole horn.

With its 60g, this nickel-silver ring has just 1/3rd of the normal weight and doesn't deaden the sound. It is an interesting Option for someone looking for a little more weight and resistance.  





He does all the engraving himself, by hand, so you can say each horn bears his own personal signature. Study the artistic three dimensional bends on an Engelbert Schmid horn, all done by hand.





Even with most complicated models we maintain the perspective!





 Horns for world class musicians

In the production of Engelbert Schmid horns you will only find craftsmen with the greatest skill and sensivity , the cream of German craftmanship. 




Each one strives to improve his part in the production with new ideas and devices.



Original state of Engelbert Schmid Horn





Of course you can order those flipper and finger hook models, which are functional and popular but don´t look like belonging to aesthetical horn making. On the other hand our flipper model is adjustable, comfortable and folds to the inside so that nothing extends outside the horn, and it´s harmonious with the aesthetics of the horn. Our comfortable fingerhook fits 95% of the hands and is so constructed that it gives way before the bell would be damaged. If you notify us of an unusual hand size when odering, the finger hook will always fit.





When Craftsmanship Becomes an Art

The craftmanship with which Engelbert Schmid horns are made can be described as an art. Observe the smooth curves, the reduction of unnecessary weight, the aesthetics of the tasteful ornamentations and the logic of the layout! Appreciate the harmony of the nickel-silver bell wreath.

With a weight of 60 g this wreath has only a third of the normal mass, and does not deaden the sound. It is an interesting option for someone looking for a little more weight and resistance.