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Cardo Case

A gig bag „MADE IN BAVARIA“, that brings qualitiy, design and function to a level, which fits to the quality of an Engelbert Schmid Horn!

Hornkoffer Cardo CaseHornkoffer Cardo Case 

The company Tonart, in cooperation with Engelbert Schmid, has developed a case, especially tailored to Engelbert Schmid Horns, which offers the following advantages:

  • Room for the horn plus 2 bells, 1 music stand, one normal mute or a stop mute.
  • Exceptionally accurate production due to digitalized cutting.
  • Precise sewing and manufacturing work done exclusively in Germany and Austria.
  • Dimensions to meet hand luggage regulations in airplanes.
  • Aesthetics absolutely on the level of professional design.
  • The "Bronze" color is reserved for Engelbert Schmid exclusively, worldwide. We also stock the desogns "night in the opera" and "route 66".
  • Dimensions in cm: 59 x 40 x 18
  • Weight: 3 kg

More information: www.cardocase.com

Engelbert Schmid: This Cardo case seems more expensive only at first glance. Considering the greater durability, the comfort, the increased protection for the instrument and the exceptionally beautiful design, it is clear that this is the perfect complement to an Engelbert Schmid Horn. 

The inexpensive alternative, a Spanish Gig Bag, Design Engelbert Schmid:

Spanisches Gig Bag Engelbert Schmid FrontseiteSpanisches Gig Bag Engelbert Schmid 2 BecherSpanisches Gig Bag Engelbert Schmid KorpusSpanisches Gig Bag Engelbert Schmid Rueckseite 

Not quite the quality of a Cardo Case, but the horn also is protected well, outside there is space for a music stand and for music, inside for 2 flares. oil, mute and stopping mute. At the back side there again is space for music. The belts are placed at the right place for carrying it comfortably on the back. Its hand luggage in air planes.

Dimensions in cm: 61 x 40 x 18

Weight: 4 kg