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Engelbert Schmid

One Team - One Philosophy

The greatest ideas and the best theories are useless unless they are put into practice.

Engelbert Schmid presented his horns the first time in 1980.

1990, in the meantime having the Diploma as Master Craftsman, he founded his own workshop in Tiefenried. After years of persistence he formed a team of first class craftsmen and by
1995 reached the level of quality that was his goal.

In 2005 he moved into the newly built workshop in Mindelzell and within 2 years increased his staff from 7 to 14 full time employees, and the team goes on growing.

Team-2017-800b.jpgEngelbert Schmid Team


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When Craftsmanship Becomes an Art

The craftmanship with which Engelbert Schmid horns are made can be described as an art. Observe the smooth curves, the reduction of unnecessary weight, the aesthetics of the tasteful ornamentations and the logic of the layout! Appreciate the harmony of the nickel-silver bell wreath.

With a weight of 60 g this wreath has only a third of the normal mass, and does not deaden the sound. It is an interesting option for someone looking for a little more weight and resistance.